Washed pumice

Among all volcanic rocks, Pumice is a very special material. This glassy silicate rock allows for extraordinary isolations, water absorptive capacity and water accumulation characteristics. Furthermore, those unique features are achieved while having a very low bulk weight of below 1 g/cm³.

Still, Pumice offers relatively high densities and abrasion resistance. As a natural resource, Pumice frost-proof and weather-resistant while showing hardly any chemical reactions.

The color can be defined by light-grey and white-brown.

By processing natural pumice from the quarries, we are able to produce the washed pumices. During the washing, materials are sorted through a sink-float-separation. Depending on the grain density, classification of the raw material and the final washed product can be made. These washed pumice materials are afterwards screened into the following sizes: 0 – 16 mm, 0 – 4 mm, 4 – 8 mm und 8 – 16 mm.

Depending on the porousness of the raw and natural pumice that has not been washed, bulk weights can be defined between 400 and 800 g/l. On the other hand, washed pumice achieves bulk dry weights of 330 to 370 g/l – making it a very advanced resource.

From a chemical point of view, the pumice we process from the Eifel region shows following specifics: 58 % SiO2, 20 % Al2O3, ca. 5 % K2O und ca. 8 % Na2O.
However, the porousness is more of importance. Here, the pores are of sizes between 0.1mm and 0.6mm. This allows pumice to outpace comparable natural resources in the area of lightweight concrete, bulk material in constructions as well as horticultural applications.

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  • Lightweight aggregates for concrete, plaster and coatings
  • Isolating building bricks
  • Light bulk material for earth work
  • Components for substrates
  • Soil conditioning
  • Waschbims 0-4 mm
  • Waschbims 4-8 mm
  • Waschbims 8-16 mm
  • Waschbims 0-16 mm
  • Waschsplitt 0-16 mm
  • Waschsplitt 0-32 mm
  • Bimswaschsand
  • Schwarzer Mauersand