More than ever are strategic partnerships what makes companies successful and sustainable. Our top priority in the cooperation with the AG FÜR STEININDUSTRIE is to use synergies that ultimately will result in added-value for our customers.

The significant raw material deposit in the fields of lava, basalt, pumice, clay as well as grits and gravels will allow us to supply customers from a single source – for many years to come.

STEINAG B.V. in that respect is responsible for sales and distribution – going beyond borders.
Here, knowing the market and its clients is what brings most value. The market experience of STEINAG B.V. has taught us where to focus on.

Together we will go this strategic path to bring the customers into the center of it all. Reliable and long-term business relationships where we can consult and supply our customers to the best extent is what we stand for.

This unique partnership allows us to holistically supply projects and customers along the value chain and across borders. The AG FÜR STEININDUSTRIE will always be our direct source to high quality natural and volcanic resources. STEINAG B.V. will then make sure to understand requirements of customers and projects all across the BENELUX area and to delivery material with no middle man involved. With this flexibility, it is of no importance whether customers ask for primary or secondary resources.

We want to partner customers even beyond the supply of materials. Today’s industry requires a lot more than just decent materials. With price and time pressure being daily routines, successful project management goes beyond traditional thinking. Logistics and quality management are of great importance and can decide on customer satisfaction. By cooperating with the STEINAG B.V. also on the logistics, customers can focus on project steering and leave the supply chain to the experienced partner.