Eifelbims / Pumice

Among all volcanic rocks, Pumice is a very special material. This glassy silicate rock allows for extraordinary isolations, water absorptive capacity and water accumulation characteristics. Still, Pumice offers relatively high densities and abrasion resistance. As a natural resource, Pumice frost-proof and weather-resistant while showing hardly any chemical reactions.

The color can be defined by light-grey and white-brown.

As raw pumice (or Eifel Bims) we define the natural mix of pumice and other minerals. This describes material that originates from the Laacher See volcanic activities. The eruption of the Laacher See volcano dates back 12.900 years. During this event, eruption masses were thrown in high altitude. Rock fragments were cracked out of the magma chamber and crater lip and deposited together with the pumice. Originating from the gassy, and tough magma, Eifelbims (pumice) consists primarily of angular, lose depositions of sands, grains and boulders. The single pumice grains are highly porous.

With regards to the sourcing sites, the raw pumice also contains elements of clay and silt slates. These minerals are heavier than the pumice itself, making it easy to separate. With the washing of pumice, we can separate these heavier contents within or product Washed Pumice Split.

Looking at the quality of pumice, we differentiate between so call Type 1 and Type 2 raw pumice / Eifelbims. This classification defines the bulk weight as well as the compressed weight after being process into the ground. The STEINAG B.V. offers both qualities and can therefore produce bulk weights between 850 and 1050 kg/m³.

A by-product of raw pumice is the so call Flugsand. The translation fitting best would be windblown sand. Flugsand convinces with low bulk weights and high water absorptive capacities – while at the same time being extremely homogeneous. These Flugsands are produced according to the DIN EN 13055-2 norm and are offered in three different qualities: 900, 950 and 1050 kg/m³.

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  • Lightweight aggregates for concrete
  • Material used to produce washed pumice
  • Layers with no binding material
  • Horticulture and landscaping
  • Raw pumice 0-40 mm
  • Raw pumice 0-32 mm
  • Raw pumice 0-16 mm
  • Raw pumice 2-12
  • Raw pumice unprocessed
  • Flugbimssand
  • Bimssand